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Your prescribing physician can best advise you on the required wearing schedule for any prescribed device. A wearing schedule may be recommended by your clinician depending on your diagnosis, injury, and/or symptoms; however, it is best to follow your prescribing physicians’ instructions. It is common for Physical Therapists to also have recommendations of use, based on their assessment. 


For most new devices, a wean-in period may be recommended once your device has been fitted and dispensed to you. If your specific device requires weaning-in, your clinician will advise you of these instructions at your fitting. 

Typically, it is recommended to wear one hour the first day, and each day increase your wear by another hour (Day 1= 1 hour, Day 2= 2 hours, etc). Follow this pattern to build up your wearing schedule to the recommended use of the brace (daily, nightly, activity-based, etc.) 


During this wean-in period, it is crucial to inspect your skin for any bright red marks that last longer than 15 minutes in one particular spot. These areas may be indicative of “excessive pressure points” and may eventually break down the skin. In these instances,  it is recommended to stop use of the brace and call our office for an adjustment appointment as soon as possible. Redness in an overall area or redness that dissipates in under 15 minutes is not a concern, as it shows corrective forces generated by the brace for the support intended.



Applicable adjustments on your device can be made at no-charge within the 90 day warranty period from the date of receiving your device. Please note, not all devices can be adjusted-- depending on the device type and the nature of the issues you are experiencing, our clinician would assess all possible options for adjustments for an improved fit. Adjustments that fall outside of our 90 day warranty may require a doctor’s order or insurance authorization in the event that components or materials need to be replaced.



Please find our warranty and exchange/replacement policy HERE.


If you are ever experiencing any fitting issues, increased/excessive pain from use of a device that was fitted to you, please call our office as soon as possible to  ensure the device is functioning, donned, and/or used appropriately. 

To schedule your orthotics appointment, please submit your appointment request online HERE.


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