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Radha is an Board Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist & BOC Certified Mastectomy Fitter born and raised in Bakersfield. After completing her residency across three practices in San Francisco, Radha returned to Bakersfield to further BPOC's vision and now leads BPOC as its Chief Executive Officer and Clinical Director, NCOPE Residency program. She also serves as an active clinician with the practice. Radha currently serves as a committee member for the non-profit organization, Limb Care Foundation. With roots in Bakersfield, she hopes to increase involvement in and education to our community.





Ashok, BPOC's founder, began his journey in the field of Prosthetics in 1974 in the United Kingdom as a Prosthetic Technician. In 1998, Ashok founded Bakersfield Prosthetics & Orthotics Center in hopes of developing a company with the aspirations of elevating the level of prosthetics and orthotics available in the San Joaquin Valley.


Today, BPOC is a well-known and respected provider of prosthetics and orthotic services with clinics in Bakersfield (BPOC) and Delano (DPOC), providing a full range of artificial limbs, orthopaedic braces, and orthopaedic footwear; enabling individuals to achieve the highest level of function, mobility, and independence.

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