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What makes our services & product different from your local pharmacy, drugstore, or even a direct manufacture representative?

1. Our ABC Certified Clinicians specialize in off-the-shelf products along with custom-fabricated orthotic options-- this ensures patients get a design that fits and is safe. We measure, cast, and fit our patients.

2. Offering custom solutions allows a tailored design to each patients' physical needs, while factoring in Activities of Daily Life (ADLs)-- this protects patients from being "over-braced" or "under-braced" and prevents device failure.


3. Our Clinic has access to a variety of manufacture products, versus a single manufacture's product-- this allows our patient access to devices that may better serve their needs and provide bracing options to select from.

4. With a 90 warranty, we take the responsibility to ensure accurate order fulfillment and customized-fittings-- this protects patients from receiving an ill-fitting brace, defective brace, or even the wrong device.

5. We will bill your insurance-- simply put, don't pay out of your pocket when your medical needs can be covered by your Insurance.

Artificial Limbs

Experienced with Partial toe, Partial feet, Symes, Transtibial, Knee Disarticulation, Transfemoral, Hip Disarticulation, Hemipelvectomy, Partial finger, Cosmetic Fingers, Partial hand, Wrist disarticulation, TransRadial, Elbow Disarticulation, TransHumeral, and Shoulder Disarticulation Prosthetic Designs. Along with complex bilateral and quad-amputations.

Knee Orthoses

 From treating multi-ligament sports injuries to chronic arthritic pains of the knee, offering a wide range of specialty Custom knee bracing including products from Don Joy, Thuasne, Ossur, Bregg, Hely Weber, and more. 

Fracture and Pre-Operative Bracing

Offering alternative solutions to a traditional cast for fracture management. Post-operative bracing offered to provide functional support and increased stability during the rehabilitation phase for best surgical outcomes.

Custom Foot Orthotics & Orthopedic Shoes

Offering custom solutions for specialty shoes and custom-made, pathology-designed orthotics for optimal support and ultimate foot pain relief. Design accommodations to address multiple foot deformities, partial amputations, rigid foot deformities, Charcot foot and severe swelling.

Ankle/Foot Orthoses

Treating common instabilities of the ankle & foot, from orthopedic, injury, and neurological pathomechanics-- custom designed and fabricated by Bakersfield's local technicians. Specializing in Custom pediatric lower extremity bracing and gait training to correct Toe-Walking, Foot Drop, Pigeon-toed, Crouch-Gait, Scissor- Gait, and more.

Spinal Orthoses

Pain management solutions for chronic low and mid back pain. With increased abdominal intra-cavity compression and improved alignment, we offer a variety of styles and tiered support. Also offering Custom Fracture and Adolescent Scoliosis bracing.

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