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The following is a comprehensive list of the most commonly ordered prostheses we provide at BPOC; however, it is not limited to this list as all prosthesis are custom designed to accommodate each patient's individual needs and way of life. 


In celebration of 25 years in business, BPOC created the Amputee Success Program--complimentary services provided to our amputee patients for best outcomes!

Above Knee (TransFemoral)        Below Knee (TransTibial)       Knee  Disarticulation (Through-Knee) 

          Rigid Removable Protector            Symes Prosthesis 

  Partial toe     Partial feet     Symes   Hip Disarticulation          Hemipelvectomy 

   Above Elbow Prosthesis (TransHumeral)      Below Elbow  (TransRadial)
            Partial finger           Cosmetic Fingers            Partial hand      

    Wrist disarticulation             Elbow Disarticulation          Shoulder Disarticulation   

  • Complex  bilateral and quad-amputations

          Mastectomy Prosthesis, Bras & Camisoles 

New Amputees: 

Wellness Coach Sessions

We offer free virtual Wellness sessions with a certified Mental Health coach to manage transitions and help achieve outlined goals

*BPOC Funded

After-hours appointment availability

To better help meet our patient's needs and access to our services, we offer appointments after hours

Complimentary Orthopedic Shoes

With every new prosthetic limb referral, we will supply a pair of shoes to maintain the most optimal alignment and fit of the prosthesis

*BPOC Funded

Cost-Free soft adjustments


Safety-Check appointments

We take patient safety seriously, so we don't charge our patients for soft adjustments & safety checks.

*BPOC Funded

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